!hutas (Steinkopf) is located about 50km north of Springbok and about 70km to the south of Vioolsdrift on the border of Namibia.

Steinkopf was established about 1817 by reverend Johann Heinrich Schmelen of the London Missionary Society.

The mission station had its headquarters  at the farm Bezondermeid about 6 kilometers from Steinkopf.

As a tribute to his German religious mentor in London, Rev. Schmelen named the mission station Steinkopf.

The Headquarters was later moved to the farm of Kookfontein where Steinkopf currently lies.

The name Kookfontein was derived from the Nama name of the farm  !hutas meaning  “Kookfontein” in Afrikaans.

Steinkopf, Nama Khoi Local Municipality, Namakwa District Municipality, Northern Cape, South Africa